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Online radio with excellent recording functions

If you like listening to online radio, you should really think about downloading a radio scanner like Online Radio Tuner so you can keep track of stations from your desktop, rather than having to search the web for things you like.

Like most of its rivals, Online Radio Tuner is a small, discreet program. It has a variety of skins and excellent configuration options that will let you control everything from sound and recording profiles to Windows Messenger integration and the program's hotkeys. Online Radio Tuner's scheduling options are very impressive and allow you to record almost anything to any scheduling pattern you can imagine.

One bad point about desktop radio tuners is that you are often limited to their selection of stations. Online Radio Tuner is no exception, although there was still plenty of music available. There is an option on Online Radio Tuner to add an URL, but even though we tried different online stations and types of links, we couldn't make it work. Online Radio Tuner has plenty of presets categorized by Broadcast Network, Genre and Region, but not all stations connected easily.

Online Radio Tuner has a lot of good points, but was spoiled by the inability to connect to some stations or add new ones. Users might ultimately find this a little frustrating.

Online Radio Tuner is a great app brought down by issues that restrict music variety.

Fixed MP3 tag bug New: The Presets Windows can now be closed by pressing the ESC key


  • Fixed MP3 tag bug New: The Presets Windows can now be closed by pressing the ESC key


  • Lots of options, especially for technical aspects
  • Great recording function


  • Stations not always available
  • Couldn't add URLS

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Online Radio Tuner


Online Radio Tuner 2.5.4 for PC

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